silverstripe Getting started with silverstripe

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Silverstripe is an open source PHP content management system. A developer might want to use it because

  • BSD License - meaning it can be rebranded as your own application
  • Clean Object Oriented code very easy to understand and use - along with extend and customise
  • Simple and powerful template engine making themes very easy to create

It can use most databases, primarily MySQL


VersionRelease Date

Customising the CMS / White Labeling

The SilverStripe CMS can be customised to change the CMS logo, link and application name.

This can be achieved with the following config.yml settings

  application_name: 'My Application'
  application_link: ''
    - mysite/css/cms.css


.ss-loading-screen {
    background: #fff;
.ss-loading-screen .loading-logo {
    background: transparent url('../images/my-logo-loading.png') no-repeat 50% 50%;
.cms-logo a {
    background: transparent url('../images/my-logo-small.png') no-repeat left center;


SilverStripe can be installed via composer or through the extraction of downloaded zip file.

To install through composer we run the following command

composer create-project silverstripe/installer /path/to/project 3.4.0

A download zip file can be found on the download page of the SilverStripe website. Once downloaded, this file needs to be extracted into the root directory of the desired project.

Upon visiting the website for the first time an installation wizard will be presented to configure and set up the SilverStripe install.

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