sitecore Unicorn Manual Installation/Install from Source


  • Clone the repository
  • Place a copy of your Sitecore.Kernel.dll assembly in /lib/sitecore/v7 (for v7/v8)
  • Build the project for your Sitecore version using Visual Studio 2012 or later
  • Copy Unicorn.dll, Rainbow.dll, Rainbow.Storage.Sc.dll, Rainbow.Storage.Yaml.dll and Kamsar.WebConsole.dll to your main project in whatever fashion you wish (project reference, as binary references, etc)
  • Copy Standard Config Files*.config to the App_Config\Include\Unicorn folder
  • Configure to your liking; the setup README file is a good starting point.
  • Hit $yoursite/unicorn.aspx to perform initial serialization of your configured predicate