sparql Getting started with sparql

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This section provides an overview of what sparql is, and why a developer might want to use it.

It should also mention any large subjects within sparql, and link out to the related topics. Since the Documentation for sparql is new, you may need to create initial versions of those related topics.


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Getting Started with a SPARQL Endpoint

A query engine is required in order to execute SPARQL queries over a dataset. Query engines may be embedded in applications, or accessed remotely. Remote access may be through a vendor-specific API, or through the SPARQL protocol if an implementation supports it. This documentation will not cover how to submit queries through specific vendor APIs.

SPARQL Endpoint implementations typically provide a user-friendly web interface for submitting queries and viewing their results. Public SPARQL endpoints (such as DBPedia) can serve as useful datasets for non-mutating examples.

If you wish to configure a private SPARQL Endpoint for experimentation, Apache Fuseki provides a free and platform independent option.

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