sqlalchemy SQLAlchemy Core Converting result to dict


In SQLAlchemy core, the result is RowProxy. In cases where you want an explicit dictionary, you can call dict(row).

First the setup for the example:

import datetime as dt
from sqlalchemy import (
    Column, Date, Integer, MetaData, Table, Text, create_engine, select)

metadata = MetaData()
users = Table(
    'users', metadata,
    Column('id', Integer, primary_key=True),
    Column('name', Text, nullable=False),
    Column('birthday', Date),

engine = create_engine('sqlite://')

engine.execute(users.insert(), name='Alice', birthday=dt.date(1990, 1, 1))

Then to create a dictionary from a result row:

with engine.connect() as conn:
    result = conn.execute(users.select())
    for row in result:

    result = conn.execute(select([users.c.name, users.c.birthday]))
    for row in result: