sublimetext3 Essential Packages What's in my ST (Sublime Text)

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  1. Package Control - Download/Install this plugin to install and manage all your other plugins in sublime.
  2. Git - Keeps track of your git versioning system. Also enables you to execute some git commands from ST itself.
  3. GitGutter - With GitGutter, you can see which lines have been added, deleted or modified in the gutter.
  4. Emmet - Emmet is a useful plugin that saves time by making you write less, thus increasing your productivity.
  5. AllAutocomplete - Sublime Text’s default autocomplete considers words that are present in the current file only. The AllAutocomplete plug-in, however, searches all open files to find matches while suggesting words.
  6. Alignment - A very simple and easy to use plugin. It helps tons when you revisit the code later down the road. Highlight the lines you want to align and press ctrl + alt + a .
  7. BracketHighlighter - This plugin provides bracket highlighting for all sorts of brackets in gutter.
  8. Material-Theme - This theme brings the Material Design visual language to your Sublime Text 3.
  9. SublimeLinter - With this your code can be linted as you type (before saving your changes) and any errors are highlighted immediately.

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