svn Administering SVN Managing repository permissions


Access specifications for subversion repositories is specified etc/subversion/svn_access_control file

Create/edit the file using following command

nano /etc/subversion/svn_access_control

Use following syntax to configure access permissions for repositories to group/members

@groupname = r/rw
User = r


@myproject-dev = rw
@myproject-support = r
jack = r
@myproject-support = rw
patrick = r

Above example configuration will grant read-write access to entire myproject repository to users belonging to group myproject-dev, while read-only access is granted to users belonging to group myproject-support and specific user jack. Note that, group names are preceded by @.

Similarly, it will assign read-write access to support branch of myproject repository to all users belonging to myproject-support and read-only access to patrick.