tcl Basic use of a dictionary


Creating a dictionary:

set mydict [dict create a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4]
dict get $mydict b ; # returns 2
set key c
set myval [dict get $mydict $key]
puts $myval
# remove a value
dict unset mydict b
# set a new value
dict set mydict e 5

Dictionary keys can be nested.

dict set mycars mustang color green
dict set mycars mustang horsepower 500
dict set mycars prius-c color orange
dict set mycars prius-c horsepower 99
set car [dict get $mycars mustang]
# $car is: color green horsepower 500
dict for {car cardetails} $mycars {
  puts $car
  dict for {key value} $cardetails {
    puts "  $key: $value"