terminal Getting started with terminal

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Terminal is the built in terminal emulator that is default on Apple computers.

Terminal grants the user access to the Command Line Interface (CLI) of macOS. Written in C and Objective C, terminal has been developed to be highly customizable. Users can chose to use a variety of different shells in terminal, and can customize terminals look and feel in Terminal > Preferences.

Terminal users have access to special commands that interact with the macOS API's, as well as familiar unix commands.

Installation or Setup

Terminal does not require any setup or installation and can be found by default.

Mac OS

Terminal comes default in macOS, and can be found in the Applications directory (Applications > Utilities > Terminal.app ).

Linux (Ubuntu)

To open up your terminal press CTRL + ALT + T . Or search in the unity dash.


Windows 10 supports bash terminal which can be installed in the developer edition.

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