testing Software Testing Techniques - State Transition Order phases


The rule

An order lifecycle at any e-commerce follows roughly the workflow:

enter image description here

How to apply the technique

From the diagram we see that it has the following allowed (positive) transitions:

  • From New to Cancelled
  • From New to Approved
  • From Approved to Cancelled
  • From Approved to Shipped
  • From Shipped to Delivered

And all the other unmentioned transitions should be treated as invalid (negative) transtitions

  • From New to Shipped (negative)

  • From New to Delivered (negative)

  • From Approved to New (negative)

  • From Approved to Delivered (negative)

  • From Shipped to New (negative)

  • From Shipped to Approved (negative)

  • From Shipped to Cancelled (negative)

  • From Delivered to New (negative)

  • From Delivered to Approved (negative)

  • From Delivered to Shipped (negative)

  • From Delivered to Cancelled (negative)

  • From Cancelled to New (negative)

  • From Cancelled to Approved (negative)

  • From Cancelled to Shipped (negative)

  • From Cancelled to Delivered (negative)