three.js Textures and Materials


A nice introduction to material and textures.

Diffuse, Bump, Specular, and Transparent Textures.


colorNumeric value of the RGB component of the color.
intensityNumeric value of the light's strength/intensity.
fovCamera frustum vertical field of view.
aspectCamera frustum aspect ratio.
nearCamera frustum near plane.
farCamera frustum far plane.
radiussphere radius. Default is 50.
widthSegmentsnumber of horizontal segments. Minimum value is 3, and the default is 8.
heightSegmentsnumber of vertical segments. Minimum value is 2, and the default is 6.
phiStartspecify horizontal starting angle. Default is 0.
phiLengthspecify horizontal sweep angle size. Default is Math.PI * 2.
thetaStartspecify vertical starting angle. Default is 0.
thetaLengthspecify vertical sweep angle size. Default is Math.PI.