Tutorial by Topics: attributes

Given Below are the examples to show how bootstrap model can be shown and how to manage title main content and footer.

Acumatica ERP lets you define attributes for flexible, meaningful classification of an Entity (Lead, Stock/Non-Stock Items Etc.) as required for your company’s specific needs. An attribute is a property that enables you to specify additional information for objects in the system. Attributes are defined in the context of a class which is a grouping of the business accounts (including leads, opportunities, customers, and cases), Stock and Non-Stock items by one or more of their properties.

We might need to modify the attributes before record is created. My use case was encrypting password when user is created.

Hooks doc is here http://docs.sequelizejs.com/en/v3/docs/hooks/#instance-hooks. It documents the way to use it with a library / function that returns a Promise. But the use case with a callback is not clearly documented.

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