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Statement batching is either executing multiple statements as one unit (with a normal java.sql.Statement), or a single statement with multiple sets of parameter values (with a java.sql.PreparedStatement).

Comments are used to show information in a batch script.

From the docs:

"Normalizes the input to have 0-mean and/or unit (1) variance across the batch.

This layer computes Batch Normalization as described in [1].


[1] S. Ioffe and C. Szegedy, "Batch Normalization: Accelerating Deep Network Training by Reducing Internal Covariate Shift." arXiv preprint arXiv:1502.03167 (2015)."

One useful feature of batch files is being able to create files with them. This section shows how to create files using batch code.
Batch and bash are quite different. Batch flags are indicated with a /, while bash flags use a -. Capitalization matters in bash, but (almost) not at all in batch. Batch variable names can contain spaces, bash variable names can not. Ultimately, both are ways of manipulating and interacting with the command line. Not surprisingly, there is a reasonably-sized amount of overlap between the capabilities of the two systems.

Database is an integral part of any application and performance and persistance are real challenges faced by any web application. NoSql databases are no different in this matter and need to be dealt carefully. DynamoDB being one of the NoSQL database that is provided by Amazon Web Services support batch operations in addition to the CRUD operations. Lets start with Batch Operations. In this example we will learn how we can make use of Dynamo DB's JAVA SDK to perform Batch Inserts.

This topic will teach you one of the many useful things to know in the scripting language, batch file; Adding a delay/pause/timeout to your batch file.

In this topic you will learn how to create, edit, copy, move, and delete files in batch.

Batch are capable of running with VBS functionality further increasing their reliability. For example, VBS can deal with decimals, spaces, and some other advanced operations that cannot be done in batch. Also is capable of working with WMI and ActiveX objects.

JScript is actually the superset of Javascript (it's 1.8.1 version - so some newer features are not available ), and they can be embedded into a batch script for extending batch script's functions. Usually, techniques of embedding are using the JScript directives (not part of the official Javascript standard) in order to separate the batch and JScript code. JScript allows you to work with Com/ActiveX objects, as well as with WMI objects in addition to the standard Javascript.

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