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A browser's debugging console or web console is generally used by developers to identify errors, understand flow of execution, log data and for many other purpose at runtime. This information is accessed through the console object.

Kafka offers command-line tools to manage topics, consumer groups, to consume and publish messages and so forth.

Important: Kafka console scripts are different for Unix-based and Windows platforms. In the examples, you might need to add the extension according to your platform.

Linux: scripts located in bin/ with .sh extension.

Windows: scripts located in bin\windows\ and with .bat extension.

Intellij IDEA supports HQL auto completion and running HQL queries on console. This is how you enable that support.

IEx provides access to Elixir documentation. When Elixir is installed on your system you can start IEx e.g. with iex command in a terminal. Then type h command on IEx command line followed by the function name prepended by its module name e.g. h List.foldr

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