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This topic contains information about customizing the look, feel, and functionality of Terminal. Terminal is easy to customize. Most terminal customization is available through both Terminal > Preferences graphically, and by using terminal commands. The terminal preferences window contains 4 tabs, which are explained below.

With classes derived from CustomizationPlug you can utilize capabilities of the Acumatica Customization Platform and execute custom code after the customization project has been published. In this topic you will learn how customization plug-ins can be used to make changes in multiple companies.

More information on customization plug-ins is available in Acumatica Customization Guide

When publishing a customization project, you might see some item being skipped for the reason of being already applied. Ex:

EntityEndpoint EntityEndpoint#6.00.001§DefaultPlus(skipped, already applied)

This can happen for any items contained saved in the database. Ex: Generic inquiries, reports, site map nodes, DB scripts, system locales, import/export scenarios, shared filters, access rights, wikis, web service endpoints and analytical reports.

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