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When retrieving a document from an external system, it requires us to ensure the correct document extension is affixed to the document. The sample code shows how to store a document properly in NetSuite's File Cabinet as well as attaching it to its corresponding record.

Insert an image into an MS Word document shapes such as Rectangles and ovals.

This documentation assumes you know how to insert an image into a word document, open and close a word document using OpenXML

Includes pymongo query examples to filter documents by timestamp encapsulated in ObjectId

Deleting documents from a Lucene index is easy when you have a primary key field in your document (like in traditional SQL databases).

However, sometimes deleting a number of documents based on multiple fields in the document is what you need. The Lucene API allows you to achieve this by specifying a query to use for deletion.

To do this, pick the right Analyzer, construct the query, pass the query to the indexWriter to delete the documents.

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