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Packages build on base R. This document explains how to inspect installed packages and their functionality. Related Docs: Installing packages

IO.inspect is very useful when you try to debug your chains of method calling. It can get messy though if you use it too often.

Since Elixir 1.4.0 the label option of IO.inspect can help

Intellij IDEA provides lots of code inspections, that can significantly simplify writing code.

Inspections parameters can be found in Preferences | Editor | Inspections section. By default, IDEA has lots of them enabled. And lots of inspections support auto-fixing options, that can be seen on pressing Alt + Enter.

To run inspections for your whole project (or some custom scope), you need to select Analyze | Inspect code.

Intellij IDEA supports HQL auto completion and running HQL queries on console. This is how you enable that support.

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