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Recording test scenarios is one of the most convenient ways to create test scripts. This is because test recordings let you mimic realistic user workflows, instead of having to manually create a test script. The recordings capture all browser requests to the web application, and then automatically create a jmx file that can be run in performance tests. By using JMeter’s recording/playback functionality or 3rd party tools like BlazeMeter and BadBoy, testers can make their work 3 times faster.

In JMeter performance testing, Correlations means the ability to fetch dynamic data from the server response and to post it to the subsequent requests. This feature is critical for many aspects of testing, like token-based protected applications.

Parameterization is the creation of different data sets for different users in the same test script. For example, running multiple users with different credentials in the same script. This makes it one of the main aspects in performance tests creation.

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