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Laravel is a MVC framework with bundles, migrations, and Artisan CLI. Laravel offers a robust set of tools and an application architecture that incorporates many of the best features of frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and others. Laravel is an Open Source framework. It has a very rich set of features which will boost the speed of Web Development. If you familiar with Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will make your task easier. It will save a lot time.

New features, improvements and changes from Laravel 5.2 to 5.3

PHP Exceptions are thrown when an unprecedented event or error occurs.

As a rule of thumb, an exception should not be used to control the application logic such as if-statements and should be a subclass of the Exception class.

One main advantage of having all exceptions caught by a single class is that we are able to create custom exception handlers that return different response messages depending on the exception.

How to remove public from URL in Laravel, there are many answers on internet but the easiest way is described below

A challenge that every developer and development team faces is environment consistency. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today. DDocker, on the other hand, is a virtualization method that eliminates “works on my machine” issues when cooperating on code with other developers. The two together create a fusion of useful and powerful. Although both of them do very different things, they can both be combined to create amazing products.

Laravel 5.4 comes preinstalled with sparkpost api lib. Sparkpost lib requires secret key which one can find from their sparkpost account.

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