twig Basic template syntax Filters


Variables can be modified using filters. To apply filter to variable follow variable name with pipe | and filter name:

{{ variable|filterName }}

For example to display variable value in uppercase use construct.

{{ variable|upper }}

Filters can be parametrized. Filter parameters are passed inside parentheses as a comma(,) separated list :

{{ variable|filterName(param1, param2, ...) }}

To round number to given precision we can use filter round, it accepts up to 2 parameters. First one specifies precision (default: 0), second one rounding method (default: common).

To round number to 1 decimal place using common method you can use {{ number|round(1, 'common') }} or {{ number|round(1) }} as common is default method.

Filters can also be used on embedded objects & array variables:

{{ array['key'] | upper }} {{ object.text | upper }}

Filters can also be concatenated:

{% set array = "3,1,2"|split(',') %}

{{ array | sort | first }}

List of basic filters is available here