typo3 TypoScript Create link


A link to any text by using typolink object

lib.link = TEXT
lib.link {
    value = Here is link text
    typolink {
        #You can give page uid or any external url here
        parameter = http://www.example.com/

        #Target of link
        extTarget = _blank

        #Additional parameters bound to link
        ATagParams = class="linkclass" title="Here is a link"

Following will create link with javascript popup

lib.link = TEXT
lib.link {
     value = Open a popup window.

     stdWrap.typolink {
          # The first parameter is the page ID of the target page,
          # second parameter is the size of the popup window.
          parameter = 10 500x400

          # The title attribute of the link.
          title = Click here to open a popup window.

          # The parameters of the popup window.
          JSwindow_params = menubar=0, scrollbars=0, toolbar=0, resizable=1