Ubuntu Installation or Setup


What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open source software platform, but colloquially, when Ubuntu is referred to it's mainly toward the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu is based on Debian and uses the same package management system (deb and apt).


So you want to give Ubuntu a try! That's great. First off, let's grab the Ubuntu .iso file that you'll be needing to install the operating system on your system. Note, an .iso file is an image file that we can burn to a USB/CD. Think of it as a snapshot of the Ubuntu Operating System that we'll burn onto some media disk.

  • Head over to Ubuntu's download page Here
  • Grab an .iso to USB burner.
  • Load up whichever program and load in the .iso file.
  • Burn the image to the USB (be careful you choose the correct USB!)
  • Once the burn is complete, eject safely
  • Plug the USB into the system that you wan't to install Ubuntu on, flip the switch and follow the on screen instructions