Visual Basic 6 Installing VB6 on Windows 10 Installation Wizard


Visual Studio 6.0 Installer wizard

By default, the following packages do not install properly under Windows 10:

  • Visual Studio 6 Enterprise
  • Visual Studio 6 Professional
  • Visual Basic 6 Enterprise
  • Visual Basic 6 Professional

To install the above packages, you'll either need to make numerous adjustments and registry hacks, or use the fantastic Visual Studio 6.0 Installer wizard by Giorgio Brausi.

You'll need the following items before starting:

  • Your original Visual Studio/Basic Program CDs and keys
  • Your original MSDN CDs
  • Visual Studio Service Pack 6
  • Visual Studio 6.0 Installer wizard
  • On Windows 10 build 1511 or later, you'll require Admin Rights.

The Wizard will take you through the necessary steps for a successful installation of Visual Basic 6.

Note that the installation of the Server Applications is not currently possible.