Visual Basic 6 Creating & Calling a Function


This Example using Standard EXE Project With addition of a Module File.

  • Create New "Standard EXE" Project. So here, a Form will get added to the Project by default.
  • Add a Module File to the Project
  • Place a Command Button on the Form
  • Create Command Button Click Event.

Module code

Created two Functions in the Module. One is a Public Function (FnAdd). It takes two Integer arguments val_1 & val_2. It returns an Integer. This Function add the two arguments and return the value to the caller. Before the addition, the two arguments undergo a process in another Function. Which is a Private Function. Characteristic/Rules of the Public & Private Function explained in the Remarks section.

Public Function FnAdd(val_1 As Integer, val_2 As Integer) As Integer

'Calling private function
val_1 = FnMultiplyBy5(val_1)

'Calling private function
val_2 = FnMultiplyBy5(val_2)

'Function return statement
FnAdd = val_1 + val_2

End Function

Below is the Private function in the Module. It takes one integer arguments val. It returns an integer. This function multiply a value 5 with the argument and return the result to the caller.

Private Function FnMultiplyBy5(Val As Integer) As Integer

'Function return statement
FnMultiplyBy5 = Val * 5

End Function

Form Code

In the Command Button click Event. Here we are calling the Module Public function "FnAdd"

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Debug.Print FnAdd(3, 7)
End Sub

Result in the Immediate Window