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visual-studio-2017Getting started with visual-studio-2017


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Installation or Setup

To download and install Visual Studio 2017

  • Navigate to Visual Studio Official Website

  • Here we will have list of Visual Studio software :
    1. Visual Studio Community 2017
    2. Visual Studio Professional 2017
    3. Visual Studio Enterprise 2017
    4. Visual Studio Code

  • Here select your desired version of Visual Studio.

  • You can access Visual Studio Community version for Free, other versions are available for free trial.

  • click and download installer [vs_community.exe : for community edition] .

  • After the installer is finished you can choose which features you want to be installed (don't worry, you can install more of them later).

  • After you select the workload(s) you want, click Install.

  • After the installation is finished, click Launch.

Visual Studio 2017 Editions Comparison

Visual Studio Community 2017

  • Free, fully-featured IDE for students,
  • open-source and individual developer

Visual Studio Professional 2017

  • Professional developer tools,
  • services, and subscription benefits for small teams

Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

  • End-to-end solution to meet demanding quality
  • and scale needs of teams of all sizes

Detailed Features are listed below :

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Comparison Reference