wcf Your first service First Service Client


Let's say you have a service the same as the one defined in the "First service and host" example.

To create a client, define the client configuration section in the system.serviceModel section of your client configuration file.

    <client name="Service.Example">
      <endpoint name="netTcpExample" contract="Service.IExample" binding="netTcpBinding" address="net.tcp://localhost:9000/Example" />

Then copy the service contract definition from the service:

namespace Service
    interface IExample
        string Echo(string s);

(NOTE: You could also consume this via adding a binary reference instead to the assembly containing the service contract instead.)

Then you can create the actual client using ChannelFactory<T>, and call the operation on the service:

namespace Console
    using Service;
    class Console
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            var client = new System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory<IExample>("Service.Example").CreateChannel();
            var s = client.Echo("Hello World");