win-universal-app Getting started with win-universal-app

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To develop and create universal app package. choose VS 2015 and installed Developer SDK.


Version 1.0 Release Date: 21st Oct-2016

Installation or Setup

We have 2 way, we can install Universal app in windows 10 devices (OS/Phone). One app works for both mobile and OS

1 Install using Power Shell command

Step 1: Make sure app not have any error and developed, then right click on Universal app project in solution explorer.

Step 2: Select Store and Choose Create App Package option enter image description here Step 3: Select No and click Next, here choose architecture x86 and x64 bit or choose as per your requirement. enter image description here enter image description here Step 4: Click Create , it create App Packages and open App Package folder and run ps1 file right click and Run as Power Shell enter image description here

It will ask for confirmation "Y" or "N" press Y in power shell console. Installation ask for certification installation, for that choose "Y" and let certificate install, then app installation will start. on it done. find all in start menu of PC.

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