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WSO2 products make heavy use of Java technology and are built on top of Carbon, the company's SOA middleware platform. Carbon makes use of Apache Axis2 and encapsulates major SOA functionality[20] such as data services, business process management, ESB routing/transformation, rules, security, throttling, caching, logging and monitoring. WSO2 products are built on top of this platform.

  • Enterprise Service Bus - Allows developers to connect and manage systems and software in accordance with SOA Governance principles.
  • Data Services Server - Provides a Web service interface for data stores.
  • Business Process Server - A graphical console to manage business processes and human tasks
  • Business Rules Server - A platform for implementing and managing business services Message Broker - Translates, validates and routes messages between systems.
  • API Manager - A platform for creating, deploying and managing APIs to expose data and functionality of backend systems
  • App Manager - Facilitates the process of creating, deploying and managing applications
  • Data Analytics Server - Real-time, batch, interactive and predictive analytics using enterprise data. Formerly WSO2 Business Activity Monitor.
  • Complex Event Processor - Real-time event processing and detection. Uses WSO2 Siddhi and Apache Storm.
  • Machine Learner - Explorative data analysis using models to generate predictions. Uses Apache Spark.
  • Enterprise Mobility Manager - Device management and business policy enforcement for mobile devices
  • Enterprise Store - Asset storefront, publishing and asset lifecycle management capabilities
  • Governance Registry - Storage, cataloging, indexing, managing and governing metadata related to enterprise assets
  • Storage Server - Multi-tenant structured and unstructured data storage to development projects
  • Dashboard Server - A platform for creating dashboards and microsites for visualizing data

Not all components are used as stand-alone implementations; many are used to supplement the capabilities or add functionality to an implementation of the Enterprise Service Bus.

Installation or Setup

Detailed instructions on getting WSO2 set up or installed.

Almost all the WSO2 Products can be started using the files that can be found in the <Product_Home>/bin folder of each product. When you run the sh/bat script it will star the particular WSO2 product with default settings and h2 as the database.