Intel x86 Assembly Language & Microarchitecture Data Manipulation


  • .386: Tells MASM to compile for a minimum x86 chip version of 386.
  • .model: Sets memory model to use, see .MODEL.
  • .code: Code segment, used for processes such as the main process.
  • proc: Declares process.
  • ret: used for exiting functions successfully, see Working With Return Values.
  • endp: Ends process declaration.
  • public: Makes process available to all segments of the program.
  • end: Ends program, or if used with a process, such as in "end main", makes the process the main method.
  • call: Calls process and pushes its opcode onto the stack, see Control Flow.
  • ecx: Counter register, see registers.
  • ecx: Counter register.
  • mul: Multiplies value by eax


mov is used to transfer data between the registers.