Xcode Open Terminal in current Xcode project folder


Xcode have ability to run any script with hotkey.

Here is example how to assign hotkey ⌘+⌥+⌃+⇧+T to open Terminal app in current project folder.

  1. Create bash script and save it in some folder

# Project Name:  $XcodeProject
# Project Dir:   $XcodeProjectPath
# Workspace Dir: $XcodeWorkspacePath

open -a Terminal "$(dirname $XcodeProjectPath)"  
  1. Make script executable: open Terminal at script folder and run chmod +x your_script_name.sh

  2. Open Xcode Preferences at Behaviors tab

  3. Add new custom behavior by tapping + in the bottom left corner

  4. Check Run action at the right enter image description here

  5. Choose script, which you create previously by clicking at the Choose Script... twice.

If your script is grayed, be sure, that you run chmod +x on your script file enter image description here

  1. Assign hotkey (for example ⌘+⌥+⌃+⇧+T) to your behavior and rename it enter image description here

Now you can open terminal in project folder with one hotkey.

This is only one example of using Xcode behaviors, but you can create any script and launch any app with it.

Bash script author: http://mattorb.com/xcode-behaviors-for-fun-and-profit/