xmpp XMPP Addresses aka. JIDs (Jabber Identifiers)

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  • [ localpart "@" ] domainpart [ "/" resourcepart ]


PartCommon Usage
LocalpartIdentifies an XMPP entity (optional)
DomainpartIdentifies the XMPP service
ResourcepartIdentifies a session of an XMPP entity (optional)


XMPP addresses, more commonly known as JIDs (Jabber Identifiers) are defined in RFC 7622 and act as addresses on the XMPP network. They look like an email address, but sometimes have an optional "resourcepart" at the end that identifies a particular client logged in as the account represented by the rest of the address (since XMPP may have multiple clients connected per account). An example of an XMPP address with the resourcepart (a client) xyz is:


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