arduino How to store variables in EEPROM and use them for permanent storage

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  • EEPROM.write(address, value); //(Store variables in EEPROM in a particular address)
  •; //(Retrieve values from EEPROM and read data stored in EEPROM)


Parameters of EEPROM.writeDetail
addressThe address where value is to be stored in EEPROM
valueMain variable to store in EEPROM. Note that this is a uint_8 (single byte)—you must split multiple-byte data types into single bytes yourself. Or you can use EEPROM.put to store floats or other data types.
Parameters of EEPROM.ReadDetail
addressThe address from which the variable is to be read


The allowable addresses vary by hardware.

  • ATMega328 (Uno, Pro Mini, etc.): 0–1023
  • ATMega168: 0-511
  • ATMega1280: 0-4095
  • ATMega2560: 0-4095


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