batch-file Input and output redirection Write to a file


@echo off
echo Please input the file path, surrounded by "double quotation marks" if necessary.
REM If you don't want to redirect, escape the > by preceding it with ^
set /p filepath=^> 

echo Writing a random number
echo %RANDOM% > %filepath%
echo Reading the random number
type %filepath%

REM Successive file writes will overwrite the previous file contents
echo Writing the current directory tree:
> %filepath% tree /A
echo Reading the file
type %filepath%

REM nul is a special file. It is always empty, no matter what you write to it.
echo Writing to nul
type %windir%\win.ini > nul
echo Reading from nul
type nul

echo Writing nul's contents to the file
type nul > %filepath%
echo Reading the file
type %filepath%