Bosun Scollector: Process and Service Monitoring Monitoring Docker Containers


Scollector has built in support for using cAdvisor to generate container.* metrics in Bosun for each Docker container on a host. To get started you will need to start a new container on each docker host:

docker run --name cadvisor --restart=always -d -p 8080:8080 google/cadvisor

And then from an external source poll for metrics using scollector with the Cadvisor configuration option. If you are using Kubernetes to manage containers you may also want to use the TagOverride option to override the docker_id tags (shorten to 12 chars), add a container_name and pod_name tag, and remove the docker_name and name tag:

  URL = "http://mydockerhost01:8080"

  URL = "http://mydockerhost02:8080"

#Override tags for Kubernetes containers
  CollectorExpr = "cadvisor"
    docker_name = 'k8s_(?P<container_name>[^\.]+)\.[0-9a-z]+_(?P<pod_name>[^-]+)'
    docker_id = '^(?P<docker_id>.{12})'
    docker_name = ''
    name = ''

You may also want to send the metrics to a test instance of Bosun (maybe using the Bosun Docker Container) to verify the metrics look correct before sending them to a production Bosun instance (hard to clean up data after it is sent).