bukkit Manipulating Achievements Awarding Achievements


Player player;     //The player you want to award your achievement with
Achievement achievement;     //The achievement you want to award your player

player.awardAchievement(achievement);    //Awarding the achievement

Checking if player has achievement:

Player player;
Achievement achievement;
boolean hasAchievement = player.hasAchievement(achievement);

The code will award the achievement and any parent achievement.

Possible achievements are:

  • ACQUIRE_IRON (Acquire Hardware)
  • BAKE_CAKE (The Lie)
  • BOOKCASE (Librarian)
  • BREED_COW (Repopulation)
  • BREW_POTION (Local Brewery)
  • BUILD_BETTER_PICKAXE (Getting an Upgrade)
  • BUILD_FURNACE (Hot Topic)
  • BUILD_HOE (Time to Farm!)
  • BUILD_PICKAXE (Time to Mine!)
  • BUILD_SWORD (Time to Strike!)
  • BUILD_WORKBENCH (Benchmarking)
  • COOK_FISH (Delicious Fish)
  • DIAMONDS_TO_YOU (Diamonds to you!)
  • ENCHANTMENTS (Enchanter)
  • END_PORTAL (The End?)
  • EXPLORE_ALL_BIOMES (Adventuring Time)
  • FLY_PIG (When Pigs Fly)
  • FULL_BEACON (Beaconator)
  • GET_BLAZE_ROD (Into Fire)
  • GHAST_RETURN (Return to Sender)
  • KILL_COW (Cow Tipper)
  • KILL_ENEMY (Monster Hunter)
  • KILL_WITHER (The Beginning.)
  • MAKE_BREAD (Bake Bread)
  • MINE_WOOD (Getting Wood)
  • NETHER_PORTAL (We Need to Go Deeper)
  • ON_A_RAIL (On A Rail)
  • OPEN_INVENTORY (Taking Inventory)
  • OVERKILL (Overkill)
  • OVERPOWERED (Overpowered)
  • SNIPE_SKELETON (Sniper Duel)
  • SPAWN_WITHER (The Beginning?)
  • THE_END (The End.)