bukkit Entities Passenger


Entities can have passengers. A good example of a passenger is a Player riding a saddled pig, or a zombie inside a minecart.

Although there are specific vehicles, any entity can be a vehicle for any other entity with the SetPassenger method.

Entity vehicle;
Entity passenger;
boolean result = vehicle.setPassenger(passenger);   //False if couldn't be done for whatever reason

The passenger should now be attached to the vehicle

You can check if an entity has a passenger using

boolean hasPassenger =  entity.isEmpty()

If the entity has a passenger, you can retrieve the passenger entity with

Entity passenger = entity.getPassenger();

Will only return the primary passenger if the vehicle can have multiples.

Finally, you can eject an entity's passenger with

boolean b = entity.eject();   //Eject all passengers - returns true if there was a passenger to be ejected