cassandra Cassandra as a Service Windows


  1. Download the latest apache commons daemon from Apache Commons Project Distributions.

  2. Extract the commons daemon in <Cassandra installed directory>\bin.

  3. Rename the extracted folder as daemon.

  4. Add <Cassandra installed directory> as CASSANDRA_HOME in windows environment variable.

  5. Edit the cassandra.yaml file in <Cassandra installed directory>\conf and uncomment the data_file_directories, commitlog_directory, saved_cache_directory and set the absolute paths.

  6. Edit cassandra.bat in <Cassandra installed directory>\bin and replace the value for the PATH_PRUNSRV as follows:

    for 32 bit windows, set PATH_PRUNSRV=%CASSANDRA_HOME%\bin\daemon\
    for 64 bit windows, set PATH_PRUNSRV=%CASSANDRA_HOME%\bin\daemon\amd64\
  7. Edit cassandra.bat and configure SERVICE_JVM for required service name.

  8. With administrator privileges, run cassandra.bat install from command prompt.