common-lisp Working with SLIME Starting and finishing SLIME, special (comma) REPL commands


In Emacs M-x slime will start slime with the default (first) Common Lisp implementation. If there are multiple implementations provided (via variable slime-lisp-implementations), other implementations can be accessed via M-- M-x slime, which will offer the choice of available implementations in mini-buffer.

M-x slime will open REPL buffer which will look as follows:

; SLIME 2016-04-19

SLIME REPL buffer accepts a few special commands. All of them start with ,. Once , is typed, the list of options will be shown in mini-buffer. They include:

  • ,quit
  • ,restart-inferior-lisp
  • ,pwd - prints current directory from where Lisp is running
  • ,cd - will change current directory