Cordova Creating Your First Application With Cordova Using the command-line tool


First you create a new Cordova project:

cordova create HelloWorld my.application.identifier AppName

This will create a blank Cordova project

  • in the HelloWorld folder
  • with identifier my.application.identifier (which should be unique for each application)
  • with name AppName.

Next you add the desired platforms:

cordova platform add android
// and/or
cordova platform add browser
// and/or
cordova platform add ios    // On macOS only
// etc…

Build your application to generate executable file:

cordova build                  // Build project for all platforms
cordova build ios              // Build project only for iOS platform
cordova build android          // Build project only for Android platform

Once built, you can run the app on one of the platforms you added:

cordova run android --emulator  // Run Android app in emulator
cordova run android --device    // Run Android app on physical connected device
cordova run browser             // Will run the app in the browser

If you want to build the application for Eclipse, Xcode, Visual Strudio, etc:

cordova prepare [platform_name] // Prepare copies of www folder and any plugins into the appropriate platform folder