data-structures Stack Using stacks to find palindromes


A palindrome is a word that can be read both ways, like 'kayak'.

This example will show how to find if a given word is a palindrome using Python3.

First, we need to turn a string into a stack (we will use arrays as stacks).

str = "string"
stk = [c for c in str] #this makes an array: ["s", "t", "r", "i", "n", "g"]
stk.append("s") #adds a letter to the array
stk.pop() #pops the last element

Now, we have to invert the word.

def invert(str):
    stk = [c for c in str]
    stk2 = []
    while len(stk) > 0:
    #now, let's turn stk2 into a string
    str2 = ""
    for c in stk2:
        str2 += c
    return str2

Now we can compare the word and the inverted form.

def palindrome(str):
    return str == invert(str)