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VersionRelease Date
Private Beta2016-03-26

About Documentation

What can be documented?

  • Examples of functions for various languages.
  • A brief introduction of each tag.

What is the difference between a question and a topic?

  • Topics have a broader scope than questions; documentation topics that are asked as a question can be closed because they are too broad.
  • Topics should have multiple examples; a request that can be served by a topic with a single example (e.g., one block of code) is probably too narrow.

Hello World

A hello world topic should consist of the most basic, complete, runnable, starter program available, that may be achieved by the widest amount of versions of the language, framework or system being documented. If necessary, the remarks should include basic instructions on how to prepare and execute the examples.

The topic should generally not require more than one or two examples, except in cases where later versions of the language are not backwards compatible. Remember, the hello world topic will be the starting point for anyone just beginning to learn a language. As such it should demonstrate minimum working examples that a learner can use to achieve a correct program. It is not necessarily a place to demonstrate a language's newest features.

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