Elasticsearch Python Interface Creating an empty index and setting the mapping


In this example, we create an empty index (we index no documents in it) by defining its mapping.

First, we create an ElasticSearch instance and we then define the mapping of our choice. Next, we check if the index exists and if not, we create it by specifying the index and body parameters that contain the index name and the body of the mapping, respectively.

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch

# create an ElasticSearch instance
es = Elasticsearch()
# name the index
index_name = "my_index"
# define the mapping
mapping = {
    "mappings": {
        "my_type": {
                "properties": {
                    "foo": {'type': 'text'},
                    "bar": {'type': 'keyword'}
# create an empty index with the defined mapping - no documents added
if not es.indices.exists(index_name):
    res = es.indices.create(
    # check the response of the request
    # check the result of the mapping on the index