emacs Basic Keybindings Multiples windows or frames


"Window" in Emacs refers to what might otherwise be called a "pane" or "screen division". Some window manipulation commands include:

  • Split current window horizontally: C-x 2
  • Split current window vertically: C-x 3
  • Select next window: C-x o
  • Close current window: C-x 0
  • Close all other windows, except the current one: C-x 1

A "frame" in Emacs is what might otherwise be called a "window". Frames are manipulated using these commands:

  • Create new frame: C-x 5 2
  • Delete current frame: C-x 5 0
  • Delete other frames: C-x 5 1

Switching windows can be acheived using

  • S-left, S-right, S-up, S-down (that is, Shift in conjunction with an arrow key) to switch to the neighboring window in a direction, or
  • C-x o to switch to the next window.