emacs Manage bookmarks within Emacs How to bookmark frequently used files


Use the following commands to create bookmarks and access bookmarks from within Emacs.

Let us say that you are editing a file called foobar.org and suppose that you visit this file frequently to edit / view contents.

It would be convenient to access this file with couple of key strokes rather than navigate through the file structure (Dired) and visit the file.


  1. Open foobar.org for once by navigating to the file (visit the file in Emacs lingo)
  2. While the file is open type C-xrm this will prompt you to provide the bookmark name for the file. Let us say foobar in this case.
  3. Close the file (C-xk - kill buffer) - save if required
  4. Now to visit the file, just type C-xrl - this will populate a list which will contain foobar.
  5. Select foobar and hit Enter key
  6. Use M-xbookmark-delete to delete any unnecessary bookmark of a file.

Note: Deleting a bookmark is analogous to deleting a shortcut in your Windows desktop.
The main file will be safe in its location and only the listing of the file from the bookmark menu will be removed.