excel-vba Excel-VBA Optimization Checking time of execution


Different procedures can give out the same result, but they would use different processing time. In order to check out which one is faster, a code like this can be used:

time1 = Timer

For Each iCell In MyRange
   iCell = "text"
Next iCell

time2 = Timer

For i = 1 To 30
   MyRange.Cells(i) = "text"
Next i

time3 = Timer

debug.print "Proc1 time: " & cStr(time2-time1)
debug.print "Proc2 time: " & cStr(time3-time2)


Private Declare PtrSafe Function getFrequency Lib "Kernel32" Alias "QueryPerformanceFrequency" (cyFrequency As Currency) As Long
Private Declare PtrSafe Function getTickCount Lib "Kernel32" Alias "QueryPerformanceCounter" (cyTickCount As Currency) As Long

Function MicroTimer() As Double
    Dim cyTicks1 As Currency
    Static cyFrequency As Currency

    MicroTimer = 0
    If cyFrequency = 0 Then getFrequency cyFrequency        'Get frequency
    getTickCount cyTicks1                                   'Get ticks
    If cyFrequency Then MicroTimer = cyTicks1 / cyFrequency 'Returns Seconds
End Function