excel-vba Methods for Finding the Last Used Row or Column in a Worksheet Get the row of the last cell in a range


'if only one area (not multiple areas):
With Range("A3:D20")
    Debug.Print .Cells(.Cells.CountLarge).Row
    Debug.Print .Item(.Cells.CountLarge).Row 'using .item is also possible
End With 'Debug prints: 20

'with multiple areas (also works if only one area):
Dim rngArea As Range, LastRow As Long
With Range("A3:D20, E5:I50, H20:R35")
    For Each rngArea In .Areas
        If rngArea(rngArea.Cells.CountLarge).Row > LastRow Then 
            LastRow = rngArea(rngArea.Cells.CountLarge).Row
        End If
    Debug.Print LastRow 'Debug prints: 50
End With