Fortran Data Types Intrinsic types


The following are data types intrinsic to Fortran:


integer, real and complex are numeric types.

character is a type used to store character strings.

logical is used to store binary values .true. or .false..

All numeric and logical intrinsic types are parametrized using kinds.


or just


where specific_kind is an integer named constant.

Character variables, as well as having a kind parameter, also have a length parameter:

character char

declares char to be a length-1 character variable of default kind, whereas

character(len=len) name

declares name to be a character variable of default kind and length len. The kind can also be specified

character(len=len, kind=specific_kind) name
character(kind=specific_kind) char

declares name to be a character of kind kind and length len. char is a length-1 character of kind kind.

Alternatively, the obsolete form for character declaration

character*len  name

may be seen in older code, declaring name to be of length len and default character kind.

Declaration of a variable of intrinsic type may be of the form above, but also may use the type(...) form:

integer i
real x
double precision y

is equivalent to (but greatly preferred over)

type(integer) i
type(real) x
type(double precision) y