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All of the other buttons you can create, are buttons that link to a GitHub repository and prompts the user to complete a certain action. These buttons can do actions such as:

  • Watch a repository
  • Star a repository
  • Fork a repository
  • Download a repository
  • List an Issue with a repository

Here's how to create some:

  1. Go onto github:buttons
  2. Click the button type you want to create (Watch, Star, Fork, Download, or Issue)

Button click example

  1. Place your GitHub username in the box labeled ":user", and your repository in the box ":repo"

Repo insert example

  1. Customize the button using the boxes "Large button", "Show count", and "Standard icon":

Download Button

Issue Button

Star Button

  1. Place this code in the <head> or before the end of the <body> of your code:

<a class="github-button" href="" aria-label="Follow @hubot on GitHub">Follow @hubot</a>

  1. Place the customized button rendering code in your code.

Full tutorial