gulp Minifying HTML Minify HTML using gulp-htmlmin


First, Install gulp and gulp-htmlmin to project directory locally

npm install --save-dev gulp gulp-htmlmin

Then add the minify-html task to your gulpfile.js

var gulp = require('gulp');
var htmlmin = require('gulp-htmlmin');

// Task to minify HTML
gulp.task('minify-html', function() {
return gulp.src('source/*.html')

gulp.task('watch', function (){'source/*.html', ['minify-html']);
// other tasks

gulp.task('default', ['minify-html', 'watch']);

This task finds all files in the source directory with a .html extension, minifies them and then outputs the resulting files to the public directory.

The task in the code is added as a dependency for the 'default' task so every time default will run, minify-html will run before it.

You can also call the minify-html task manually by running the command:

gulp minify-html