heroku Pipelines Pipelines via the CLI


Installing pipeline

Once Heroku Toolbelt is installed it requires Pipelines plugin too.

heroku plugins:install heroku-pipelines

Creating pipelines

You must start with an app to add to the pipeline, although it doesn’t have to be for a particular stage. If you don’t specify --stage STAGE, the CLI will guess at the appropriate stage, but also let you override the default. The name of the pipeline will be guessed from the app name as well, but can be overridden either by adding the NAME on the command line, or entering a different name when prompted.

heroku pipelines:create -a example


The target app(s) will be automatically determined by the downstream stage

heroku pipelines:promote -r staging

It is also possible to promote to a specific app (or set of apps)

heroku pipelines:promote -r staging --to my-production-app1,my-production-app2

Help Command

A complete list of Pipelines commands with usage details is available in the console

heroku help pipelines