Apache JMeter Apache JMeter: Test scenario recording Recording Performance Scripts for Mobile Devices


JMeter can also can be used for recording mobile performance testing. Mobile scripts recording is very similar to web application scripts recording.

Configure JMeter

  1. Configure “JMeter Templates” as specified in chapter 1.

Configure your mobile phone

After the JMeter configuration is prepared, including the JMeter “HTTP(S) Test Script Recording” element started on a specified port, you can configure your mobile phone to send a request to the web application you are testing via the JMeter proxy.

  1. IOS:
  • Setting -> Wi-Fi

  • Click on the connected network

  • Go to the “HTTP PROXY” configuration section

  • Click on the “Manual” tab

  • Set the IP of the computer JMeter application is running on under “Server”

  • Set the port that is specified on the “HTTP(S) Test Script Recording” under “Port”


  • Setting -> Wi-Fi

  • Long click on the connected network and click the ‘Modify Network’ option

  • Click on the “Advanced options” checkbox

  • Set the “Proxy” option to “Manual”

  • Set the “Proxy hostname” as your computer’s IP address and “Proxy Port” as specified on the “HTTP(S) Test Script Recording” configuration under “Port”

  • Click “Save”

  1. You can now start running the application on your mobile device. The requests will be recorded on JMeter.